Welcome, Tongasoa to Madagascar. Once your plane has landed at Ivato International Airport, relax. The moment our driver escorts you and welcomes you, his motto is to make your trip to the Big Island a real dream of discoveries whose images, emotions, sensations and colors will enrich your experience.
You have chosen this circuit but know that we can always offer you a circuit customized to your wishes.
After your transfer and your installation at the hotel, according to the available time, you will begin your journey with a visit of Antananarivo, a small tour in the city of Thousand, question to take the pulse of the Ia Malagasy capital.
It is thus possible to see:
-the hill of Analamanga where is the Rova of Manjakamiadana, palace of the different Malagasy sovereigns, currently undergoing renovation, following a fire in 1995;
-Anosy Lake guarded by its famous « Golden Angel » and surrounded by sumptuous jacarandas;
-Avenue of Independence, downtown Antananarivo, where modernity coexists with an architecture of the past and a traditional atmosphere, specific to the districts and markets of Madagascar.


Depending on the schedule of your flight to Tulear, our driver driver will ensure your transfer to Ivato airport where you must take the domestic line connecting Antananarivo to Tulear, city of the South of the Big Island.
Once settled in the hotel, you can then take a short tour of the city, the capital of the Vezo ethnic group. You can see the shellfish market, near the waterfront where there are not only shells but also artisan products, or even mohair carpets that are famous in the region. Taking a look at the populous district of « wireless » where bush taxis land and take their passengers north to Antananarivo will give you an idea of the importance of economic activity in the region. Although you may not have the time to visit it, know that there is in Tulear a Maritime Museum of the Institute of Fisheries Science where is preserved a coelacanth, dating from prehistory.
Although Tuléar has a cosmopolitan population where the 18 tribes of Madagascar cohabit in harmony with people of Indian, Chinese and European origin, it is mainly populated by Vezo. The Vezo are traditionally fishermen. Their outrigger canoes are made from a very light wood.


On the morning of this 3rd day of your trip to Madagascar, you will embark on a speedboat for a crossing of about 1H30mn for Anakao. After your installation at the hotel, you can enjoy this afternoon of freedom to walk in Anakao. Village Vezo, located in the mouth of the Onilahy River, Anakao is very popular for its paradisiacal beaches which skirt a turquoise blue sea.


Opposite Anakao is the dream island of Nosy Ve. You will go there for an excursion by traditional canoe vezo and you will be able to thus appreciate this means of locomotion of the fishermen of the area.
Diving, snorkling, or simply relaxing and relaxing on its beach paradise of fine sand: this is how Anakao invites you to spend the day you spend on this dream island.
You will spend the night in the same hotel as the day before.


Early morning departure on the coastal track of the Great South for Tsimanampetsotsa National Park, one of the most important nature reserves of Madagascar and which covers about 43 000 hectares
The circuit makes you discover the Salt Lake where flamingos and water birds come to rest. Birdwatching in this wetland, classified as a RAMSAR site, is of interest because of the number of endemic bird species in the park.
Caves lined with stalactites and stalagmites, shelters of blind fish, are on the circuit as well as baobabs and secular banians.
As in all the reserves of Madagascar, lemurs live in this park. The vegetation is often shrubby and thorny.
We continue our hike to the small fishing village Vezo, located on a paradise beach: Itampolo. Itampolo is remarkable especially for its sandy beaches. We will spend the night at the hotel.


Always on the slopes of the south, direction Lavanono. In this desert landscape, tombs topped with funerary sculptures, the « aloalo » tell the story of lives, passions. The funerary art is expressed here through carved wooden figures representing perhaps the unrealized dreams of the dead: an airplane for example, a car …
Zebu horns cover these tombs, recalling the wealth of the deceased. Such is the custom of the Mahafaly, inhabitants of this southern part of Madagascar.
You have to cross the two rivers Linta and Menarandra to reach your destination. The water of the two rivers is rather dry. Lavanono is surrounded by a canyon and its inhabitants live fishing. The problem was the lack of water and its inhabitants had to do several tens of kilometers to find it. Their situation has improved since the creation of a track and an ecolodge in the area.
We will spend the night in a local cottage.


Destination Berenty by taking the sandy track that passes through Ambovombe, capital of the Antandroy ethnic group. The lush vegetation and palm trees tell you that you are in the Anosy.
Arrived at Berenty, you will spend the night at the lodging.


In the Berenty private reserve, live several species of lemurs. You can see the propithecus, the vero or sifaka. The fauna is also composed of chameleons, birds … The flora is characteristic of the tropical climate of southern Madagascar and consists of euphorbia but also tamarinds.
The next stop is the city of Fort Dauphin. En route so early afternoon for this city of Anosy where you spend the night at the hotel.


The day is devoted to the visit of the Nahampoina reserve which owes its fame to the richness of its flora. In order to allow the acclimation of new varieties of plants in Madagascar, this reserve was created during the colonial era and hosts plants from all over the world. But not only … The characteristic flora of southern Madagascar retains all its rights while river, waterfalls, natural swimming pool give free rein to tropical humid vegetation. The wildlife is equally rich and you will also see birds and butterflies, as well as lemurs, crocodiles and chameleons.


You are leaving on the 10th day of your trip in the deep south on an excursion to Lokaro Bay. The ride is done by pirogue to this little paradise of the Indian Ocean overhung by some granite mountains. The variety of landscapes, the tropical forest give you another dimension of Madagascar, island of dreams.


This day of freedom in Fort Dauphin, you can savor it while strolling leisurely in the city. You can watch live the biggest market of Fort Dauphin, in Tanambao, at the exit of the city. You can also immerse yourself in the past by looking at Fort Flacourt dating back to the 17th century, the Fort Flacourt Museum and the historic site, witnesses of colonial history and civilization of local ethnic groups. You can admire the sunset on the beach of Libanona, you are interested in the rocky flats or watch the return of the fishermen in the morning to the Old Port and see their women who are busy to reach the market to sell the products of fishing.You can still stroll on the main street of Fort Dauphin.


On the agenda for this day, your transfer to the airport of Fort Dauphin where you will fly to Antananarivo, the capital, main point of departure for international flights.
Our escort driver will meet you at Ivato International Airport, and will accompany you to the hotel where you will be staying.


About twenty kilometers from Antananarivo, the Malagasy capital, stands Ambohimanga, the blue hill, sacred hill where lived in the thirteenth century, King Andrianampoinimerina. It is this site with the doors, classified World Heritage of Unesco, that you discover today at the end of your trip to the Big Island.
The hill of Ambohimanga offers a unique panorama of the forests, plains and all the sacred hill of Imerina from an exceptional point of view including a rock. At its summit, the royal city bathes in an atmosphere of tranquility that gives it the sacredness with which it is impregnated. Pilgrimages but also sacrifices take place there. The walled enclosure which surrounds it, shelters the box of the king Andrianampoinimerina, the pavilions of the queens Ranavalona I and II, a sacred basin which served the bath of the queens, an ox park which will remind you the importance of this animal in the Malagasy life … When you discover Ambohimanga, you will revisit the glorious past of Imerina and plunge into a glaring atmosphere of authenticity.
Andralanitra direction where a charismatic man, Father Pedro has accomplished a miracle: that of leaving hundreds of thousands of Malagasy spiral of poverty. Instead of landfills where hungry people were trying to survive, there are now several villages with roads, schools, workshops, pretty houses where a working population live in complete peace. The miracle Father Pedro was not only a breath of fresh air but a real prodigy in the socio-economic context of the country.
Back to the same hotel.
According to the schedule of the flight planned for your return in your country of destination, our chauffeur escort will assure your transfer towards the airport. Depending on the time you may have, he will be happy to stop at the craft market located on the airport road, if you want to take with you, besides all these images and emotions that you have lived on this island dream, Malagasy craft products as souvenirs of Madagascar … to offer and to offer …