Welcome, Tongasoa to Madagascar. Once your plane has landed at Ivato International Airport, relax. The moment our driver escorts you and welcomes you, his motto is to make your trip to the Big Island a real dream of discoveries whose images, emotions, sensations and colors will enrich your experience.
You have chosen this circuit but know that we can always offer you a circuit customized to your wishes.
After your transfer and your installation at the hotel, depending on the time available, you will start your journey with a visit to Antananarivo, a small tour in the city of the Thousand, question take the pulse of the Malagasy capital. It is thus possible to see:
-the Aanalamanga hill at the top of which overlooks the Rova de Manjakamiadana, palace of the various Malagasy sovereigns, currently undergoing renovation, following a fire in 1995;
– Anosy Lake guarded by its famous « Golden Angel » and surrounded by sumptuous jacarandas;
-Avenue of Independence, downtown Antananarivo, where modernity coexists with an architecture of the past and a traditional atmosphere, specific to the districts and markets of Madagascar.


Very early in the morning, departure for Ankarafantsika with your escort driver for the village of Ankarafantsika National Park. Direction then the west exit of Antananarivo, to lead on the National Road 4 where you will contemplate a scroll of landscapes typical to this dream island that is Madagascar throughout this 8 hours trip.
These 8 hours of travel will transport you to the vastness of Madagascar, an immensity without any other similar that will arouse you different emotions. Large expanses of savannah of the Tampoketsa plateau, endless expanses that flirt with the sky, arid landscapes, empty spaces as far as the eye can see, mountain landscapes, sub-desert landscapes … But not only … Small villages along the road, mango merchants, jujubes, tamarinds depending on the season … Sometimes you meet zebus, pulling their carts or a line of bush taxis coming in the opposite direction, loaded with their luggage, in a hurry to reach the capital.
After about 5 hours, you will gradually feel the heat rising, meaning that you are approaching the warmest region of Madagascar, Maevatanana. Maevatanana, the step city. It will also be a stop on this tour for you and your driver who will guide you to a restaurant for the lunch break.
Soon, you will see the impressive river Betsiboka carrying its red waters and get acquainted with the miners who on its edges are trying to make a fortune … You could possibly discuss with them their lifestyles, and ask them if the gold here feeds her man…
Once you have passed the Kamoro Bridge, built under French colonization, you are closer to the Ankarafantsika National Park, your final destination on your second day of travel to Madagascar. Once arrived, in the heat of this tropical night of this dream island, we will set up our tents for a night in the heart of nature, for a night where you will breathe the pure air of the beautiful forest of Ankarafantsika.


In route for the visit of the national park of Ankarafantsika, for the Coquerelle circuit of 1:30 min. The forest of Ankarafantsika has about 800 varieties of trees. You will meet several species of lemurs including the famous microcèbe, the smallest lemur in the world, different species of chameleons and birds. More than 130 bird species have been listed in this national park and you can birdwatch.
This tour will then take you right to the Malagasy canyon, the « big lavaka » after 3 hours of walking. If the course is rather sporty, the walk is not less pleasant. The less athletic can access it by road.
After lunch, by National Road 6, head on Antsohihy, step city before the Ankarana National Park.
Once in Antsohihy, you will find all your energy to continue the trip after a night at the hotel.


Direction: the village of Mahamasina, nestled at the entrance to the Ankarana National Park. The journey continues on the RN6, the road that leads to the northern tip of the Big Island. The journey of 315 km by car lasts 7 hours. The trip is quiet through the tropical landscapes.
Your tour guide will install you at the cottage where you will spend the night.


The 5th day of this trip to Madagascar, you will spend to contemplate this magnificent panorama of Ankarana. The hike is quite sporty because it requires 8 hours of walking. Its exceptional flora and fauna make Ankarana one of Madagascar’s protected areas.
Several circuits can be made there. From the discovery of tsingy, vast expanses of calcareous rocks carved by erosion to the bat caves with huge walls littered with bat nests and the wonderful Green Lake.
The circuit Tsingy Rary gives, from the top of the suspended and secure wooden footbridges that you will take, an impressive panorama of the tsingy plain pigmented with succulents such as pachypodiums. This circuit also allows to pass by the « loss of the rivers », enormous karst cavity in semicircle and to reach later the « tsingy of the turrets ». On the whole circuit, the show is simply fabulous and grandiose, the emotions are strong! Madagascar, island of dreams, finds here all its meaning.
The discovery of the Ankarana National Park requires physical endurance. In the evening, the return to the cottage will be more appreciated.


Destination the second largest bay in the world where the picturesque fishing village of Ramena is located 20km from Diiès Suarez. The transfer is done in 4X4 vehicle. Once again, you will take the national road 6 for a journey of 6 hours by car to go through Nosy Lonjo, « the Sugar Loaf.  »
Your tour guide will tell you the story of the famous « Sugar Loaf » or « Nosy Lonjo », symbol of the city of Diégo Suarez, as soon as you see it. This island surely has many stories to tell, if only the sailors who would fail … It remains the scene of many traditional ceremonies although access is simply difficult.
Once in Ramena, your tour guide will take care of your stay at the hotel for the night.


The day is under the sign of relaxation and idleness. It begins with the presentation of the crew for a trip by canoe on the Emerald Sea, huge lagoon colors sometimes turquoise or emerald green to heavenly beaches.
The flavors of the sea are on the menu of the day. You may be lucky enough to taste the fresh fish that you yourself have fished. Otherwise, you will enjoy the picnic lunch prepared by the boatmen. Other activities of relaxation are on the program: it is indeed possible on the emerald sea to do Kite surfing.
When the day falls on the beach, it will be time to find Ramena. You will spend the night in the same hotel.


This is another variety of tsingy that we propose to discover on this 8th day of your trip to Madagascar, a dream island. During your transfer to the private park of Tsingy Rouge, you will already have a taste of the beautiful adventure that you are about to live. The red tsingy differ from the Bemaraha tsingy by their more rounded form. Born from the encounter of rainwater and a compact rock, the red tsingy is the result of the erosion of this sandstone-marly massif. The red sand on the surface mixed with sandstone marl to imbue the tsingy with the various shades of red that earned it its name. These tsingy are fragile but you will have the opportunity to contemplate including the big and the small tsingy red, as well as the Canyon. Their ocher silhouettes standing before you majestic and austere, give red tsingy the vision of an exceptional landscape, an unreal world.
Direction then Anivorano where the main attraction is the sacred lake populated with crocodiles. Legend has it that a traveler who passed by asked for water from the villagers who refused to give him water. He then cursed the village that turned into a lake while the inhabitants were reincarnated as crocodiles.
Then return to the city of Diégo Suarez for one night at the hotel.


On the agenda for this day, the Amber Mountain National Park. To access it, the trip is done in 4X4 vehicle. The park is about forty kilometers away from Diégo Suarez.
By following the Thousand Trees path, you will enter a unique tropical garden, a humid primary forest, which several torrents and sacred cascades water in various places. The fauna is also tropical. Seven species of lemurs out of 70 species in Madagascar, rub shoulders there. Five species like the day and are therefore diurnal and two species prefer the night. At random, you will meet birds – there are more than 75 species – and reptiles including the smallest chameleon in the world, the Brookesia tuberculé. The flora is typical of the rainforests of Madagascar. Botanical enthusiasts or not, you will be pleasantly surprised by this green universe of orchids, palms, ficus …
Then visit the city of Joffreville. Joffreville takes its name from Joseph Joffre, French military in charge of this northern region of Madagascar under colonization. Created in 1903, the architecture of some of its houses has kept the vestiges of its colonial past. Resort at the time, it also provides access to the Amber Mountain.
At the end of the afternoon, you will return to Diégo Suarez and you will spend the night in the same hotel.


Before you reach Ambanja, the next milestone town of the 600-mile Suarez dive, a short tour of the city of Dègo Suarez is still a must. The makeup of young women in Diègo Suarez will not fail to surprise you: their face is finely drawn with “masonjoany”, natural sunscreen from sandalwood. Diègo Suarez has a particular character. The architecture of some houses often still reflects the colonial past.
Then head for Ambanja, the capital of cocoa that you reach after about 6 hours of travel on the National Road 6. It is in Ambanja that we produce the best cocoa from Madagascar which is the world renown of the Big Island.
Your tour guide will ensure, as usual, your installation at the hotel where you have to spend the night.


There is a pier named Ankify where the crossing to Nosy Be takes place. It is at this pier of Ankify that your tour guide will lead you. Apart from its idyllic beaches, Ankify is only a must for the crossing to Nosy Be. The crossing lasts about 45 minutes. Your tour guide will take care of your transfer and your installation at the hotel.
You can enjoy your afternoon of freedom either to rest at the hotel or to walk.

D12 to D14 – NOSY BE

These days of freedom that you will spend in the island of Nosy Be will lead you to a conclusion: no need to travel the world to find heaven on earth. It is here in Nosy Be, where the trees of the traveler, ravinala, mango, pepper, coffee, vetiver and others … mingle and intertwine in the landscape under the spellbinding fragrance of ylang-ylang to give this dream island, its name, of « perfume island ». From Mount Passot, you could admire the strings of crater lakes and the nearby islands bathed by the sunset. Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Iranja or Turtle Island are all small islands that invite you to discover.
You can also visit the Lokobe reserve which contains endemic flora and fauna: palm trees and coconut palms, rare plants and orchids … The lemurs including eulemur macaco, chameleons, amphibians, birds … constitute the flora of this paradisiacal garden which opens to the sea. You can also see Lemuria Land. Getting to know the sacred tree, the harbor and the markets better to know the culture, the inhabitants, the behaviors will allow you to better understand the men and their environment of life in this dream island of Nosy Be.
But you can also lean towards the idle side offered by the paradisiacal beaches of Nosy be. So you can take the opportunity to relax and relax to better get you back to a good start. You can also undertake a 3 to 7-day mini-cruise to the surrounding islands.
This stay in Nosy Be, you will spend, in the same hotel that will offer you several amenities.


On the agenda of this day, your transfer to Nosy Be airport where you will fly to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, the main point of departure for international flights.
Our escort driver will meet you at Ivato International Airport, and will accompany you to the hotel where you will be staying.


According to the schedule of the flight planned for your return in your country of destination, our chauffeur escort will assure your transfer towards the airport. Depending on the time you may have, he will be happy to stop at the craft market located on the airport road, if you want to take with you, besides all these images and emotions that you have lived on this island dream, Malagasy craft products as souvenirs of Madagascar … to offer and to offer …