Welcome, Tongasoa to Madagascar. Once your plane has landed at Ivato International Airport, relax. The moment our driver escorts you and welcomes you, his motto is to make your trip to the Big Island a real dream of discoveries whose images, emotions, sensations and colors will enrich your experience.
You have chosen this circuit but know that we can always offer you a circuit tailored to your wishes.
After your transfer and your installation at the hotel, depending on the time available, you will start your journey with a visit to Antananarivo, a small tour in the city of the Thousand, question take the pulse of the Malagasy capital.
It is thus possible to see:
-the Analamanga hill where the Rova de Manjakamiadana is located, palace of the different Malagasy sovereigns, currently undergoing renovation, following a fire in 1995;
-Anosy Lake guarded by its famous “Golden Angel” and surrounded by sumptuous jacarandas;
-Avenue of Independence, downtown Antananarivo, where modernity coexists with an architecture of the past and a traditional atmosphere, specific to the districts and markets of Madagascar.


The circuit begins. National Road N°2. Cape on Andasibe. If the trip takes 3 hours, you will not see the time pass as the diversity of landscapes and vegetation will captivate you. Here, nature has regained all its rights. Already, the vast expanses of greenery and forests mark a break with the city. The ravinala, trees of the traveler, stand in the heart of the vegetation and gently wave their leaves arranged in a fan, as if to greet you.
You will soon know the richness of the fauna of this dream island that is Madagascar by visiting the private park Pereyras. Hello, nice lemurs! How pretty you are! As you seem beautiful … If Jean de la Fontaine had discovered this park where many species of endemic fauna of the country rub shoulders, what fables could he have written including seeing the chameleons who display their nonchalance and indifference to the curiosity of the visitors.
Once this visit is over, your driver will set you up at the hotel. A key person on this tour will be presented to you: your tour guide! For a few hours, you will be in the company of this specialist who will give you the details of the nocturnal visits and those in the village park VOI that you will undertake.
No doubt you do not spend a good night in the hotel after this second busy day of your trip to Madagascar.


On this 3rd day of travel on the Big Island, visit the VOI village park, a stone’s throw from the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. In this forest, perched in a tree, lives the Indri-indri, the largest of the lemurs. Monogamous, Indri-Indri has a very strong sense of family. We can also meet the brookesia, the smallest chameleon in Madagascar. This chameleon is not arboreal but terrestrial and has a strong mimicry with its environment. Another peculiarity of this forest: it shelters the giraffe beetle, a species that one finds only in Madagascar. Your tour guide will surely explain that his name, unsurprisingly, comes from his long neck.
The tour to the village of Andasibe, which you will then carry out, will give you an idea of the way of life of the local population.
For more than an hour after, you will discover the reserve Vakôna, the islet with lemurs where you will meet other species: the fulvus, the lemur bamboo, the vari. They will treat you with a lot of friendship or even familiarity by jumping for example on your shoulders. This reserve also contains a crocodile park, except the “fosa” which is a predator of lemurs, the Madagascar boa and wild ducks.
You will spend the night at the hotel Vakôna, rocked by the murmur of the leaves, stirred by the light breath of the wind in an environment of greenery.


The adventure continues on National Highway 2 with your driver. A bifurcation 10 km from Brickaville will take you to Manambato. You will get to know what a track is in Madagascar before arriving at your destination. For an hour you will have only 7 km, which will however give you plenty of time to admire nature. On the pier of Manambato, you will take a fast boat for a crossing of 1:30 and 45 km on the Pangalanes Canal that runs on the east coast of Madagascar.
You will be staying at the hotel where you will spend the night.
To allow you to find yourself on this tour, adapted to your rhythm, we will give you free time in the afternoon.


The Palmarium private reserve is a must to better know the lemurs of Madagascar. For 2 hours, you could observe more closely, 7 species of lemurs including indri, the propithecus, macaco … You could not only approach you but also touch them in this nature also inhabited by several varieties of plants such as pachypodium, orchids including vanilla, carnivorous plants … You will then fully appreciate the true meaning of Madagascar, a dream island …
Departure for Tamatave early afternoon by fast boat again. Once again, you could admire the Pangalanes Canal and soak up during the 4-hour journey of the pictures of this unforgettable tour that took you to the land of lemurs.
Once in Tamatave, we will install you at the hotel where you will spend the night.


Direction Sainte Marie, a small dream island near the big dream island. Very early departure by road with the cars of the company El Condor to the pier of Mahambo for Sainte Marie. Depending on the state of the road, this adventure trip lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes. Once in Mahambo, passengers and their luggage are taken care of to be embarked on the boat. After a crossing of 3 to 4 hours, arrival at Sainte Marie where you will be installed at the hotel for the night.


Three days of relaxation and leisure in complete freedom in Sainte Marie. If you are fond of paradisiac beaches, you will be served for the idleness of which you have always dreamed. This does not in any way prevent trips to sea, diving underwater where you can admire the seabed, whale safaris depending on the season. In fact, on this side of the Indian Ocean, the whales’ ballet goes from July to September. But there are also, the little tricks to be done to the island to the mats for example, motorcycle tours … This circuit has the advantage of allowing you to achieve what you always wanted to do.


In the program of this day, your transfer to the airport of Sainte Marie where you will take the plane for Antananarivo, the capital, principal point of departure of the international flights.
Our escort driver will meet you at Ivato International Airport, and will accompany you to the hotel where you will be staying.


According to the schedule of the flight planned for your return in your country of destination, our chauffeur escort will assure your transfer towards the airport. Depending on the time you may have, he will be happy to stop at the craft market located on the airport road, if you want to take with you, besides all these images and emotions that you have lived on this island dream, Malagasy craft products as souvenirs of Madagascar … to offer and to offer …